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Michele Pernetta

Fierce Grace
London UK

Michele is a Yoga Alliance Accredited Senior Yoga Teacher with 23 years teaching experience, a Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher, Bikram Senior teacher and a Black Belt Martial Artist giving her over 27 years experience in working with the body. She has judged International Yoga Championships, and brought Bikram Yoga to the UK in 1994. She launched her long awaited yoga system Fierce Grace in 2013 and this ground-breaking 6 class system has been praised as the Modern Evolution of Hot Yoga by Cosmopolitan, and the Number 1 Way To Get Fit by the Sunday Times Style magazine. She has written and contributed to countless magazine and newspaper articles, and appeared on many TV and radio programmes on the subject of Yoga.

Michele teaches on her Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Programme, teaches her yoga retreats and seminars all over the world. She has a keen interest in Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and Nutrition and has been practicing meditation and spirituality since she was 18.

Michele is known for her humorous, relaxed teaching style, her no-nonsense approach to teaching and her love of working with people of all ages and body types, especially those with injuries or physical problems. She is also a mentor for new teachers offering support and coaching.