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Garland Hume

Garland Hume started her yoga journey in January of 2007 with her first class at Bikram Yoga Richmond.  Immediately she fell in love with the practice and 9 months later attended the Bikram Teacher Training in Hawaii.  She taught full time for three years until she became co-owner and director of Bikram Yoga Richmond in 2010.  She loves running her yoga schools and considers it the best job in the world!  Teaching yoga is the best mirror for yourself and running a yoga school helps you to grow on a deep emotional level.  These jobs teach you compassion and love.

Garland is heavily involved with USA Yoga, the organization that puts on state, regional, and national yoga competitions for the US.  She has competed 8 years and placed 8th in the country in 2015 and 1st in Virginia in 2016.  She finds the challenges she faces in competing and training have allowed her to develop both as a yogi and an athlete, reach personal goals, and have provided her the opportunity to achieve excellence in the sport of Yoga Asana.  Garland is currently on the board of USA Yoga and is working with the organization to grow and develop Yoga Asana as a sport for people of all ages and backgrounds.  She coaches yoga athletes and has been practicing and leading the Bishnu Ghosh 84 asana advanced series for over 9 years.Currently Garland lives part time in Richmond, VA and part time on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai, where she hosts yoga trainings and retreats.