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Jeffrey Chen

PURE Action
Austin, TX

After my first class in New York City in April 2000, I realized that yoga was much more than stretching and breathing. Bikram Yoga is tough! The physical intensity, focus and concentration improved my kendo practice (Japanese sword), while whittling away the aches and pains I had learned to live with.

After 19 years of working the financial industry, I attended Bikram’s Teacher Training in the fall of 2008. I am fascinated with the health benefits of Bikram Yoga and am inspired by student testimonials we hear on a constant, almost daily basis.

That prompted Mardy and I to found PURE Action, Inc., dedicated to scientific research of yoga, bringing yoga to under-served communities, and educating the world of its benefits. Hot yoga, specifically, produces a myriad of benefits on the physical level that can be measured and studied. Long with Dr. Stacy Hunter, we just completed a three year study to determine the benefits of added heat: The "Hot" in "Hot Yoga!